Find 5 for the week of 1/29

Here are five interesting things I found this week relating to equity!

  1. First is a TED talk about equity in education. As a math teacher, I find it difficult to get students to think creatively or rebound from setbacks. The curricula are very plain, and I thought this did a good job speaking to that issue.
  2. I think part of creating equity involves allowing everyone to participate. The National SEED Project attempts to educate others on how to do that, offering seminars and blogging about their impact. Interesting stuff.
  3. A corollary to #the4thbox, this blog post critiques those images and creates one themselves.  I’m a skeptic by nature, so I appreciated a different way of looking at it from one I posted.
  4. I like really specific directions for how to accomplish something, so I found these 10 steps to equity pretty interesting. I also thought it was cool to look outside of the United States via the OECD for other viewpoints.
  5. The Education Commission of the States came up with specific questions to ask to help determine if a state if providing enough opportunities for educational equity. It was a good way to get your brain trying to come up with specific answers to a broad question.


Hope you find these interesting!



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