Search 7 Sunday 1/28

Here are seven interesting tidbits I found this week:


  1. Last summer, I worked for a summer camp for Julian Krinsky programs, and it was a great viewpoint into connected learning. I am sharing the general website, although my program helped talented rising 9th graders in low-income areas create a non-profit organization aimed toward social justice. I was in charge of teaching statistical models, but I also facilitated the different groups toward creating something bigger. If I had to imagine connected learning, that was it.


2. This site seemed like a great resource for different projects and testimonials for connected learning in a classroom. I delved into it a little bit, but there’s so much here it was impossible for me to make my whole way through.


3. A cool TED talk on learning in the 21st century:

4. This is one of my favorite math websites, but is also pretty philosophical about education. The pictures are pretty funny, too.


5. I want to be able to do this someday.


6. This is a story of an administrator who becomes a student for several days and writes about his 21st century experiences. I have changed some of my teaching habits based on this article, such as being more patient when I get the same question more than once.


7. These are the types of students I’d like to create. They are similar to the kids from the website in the first thing I posted in here. Creating is more important than simply learning facts.


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